Friday, September 16, 2005

For those who have received and paid for the album, welcome to LEVEL 2! If you are new to this project, go to previous blog entry.

PROJECT : AFDLIN SHAUKI DAH HILANG AKAL! is making history for Malaysia kodok-kodok ku semua. We are not selling like MAWI, (Not yet at least) but we are selling more than the distributors care to know or do. I Would like to humbly thank all the KODOKS yang telah membayar untuk CD dan Cassette itu, "Terima Kasih yang tak terhingga!!" It will definitely help me in keeping up the good fight against the people who want to kill the music industry, by makng better music and better stuff. Gua dan staff gua terduduk dan tersebak kegembiraan bila kita ada terima cek RM100 for one of the CDs. It showed you honoured me and my friends for our attempt to do something new. The orders are still furiously coming in. If you are interested to get your copy of AFDLIN SHAUKI'S FUUYO album just hit the PROJECT : AFDLIN SHAUKI DAH HILANG AKAL! link.

ONLY CDs ARE BEING REPRINTED FOR THE SECOND EDITION as Cassette printing is mahal gila babi and kualiti soundnya takle sebagus CD... dan sehingga kilang cap duit gua kat pengkalan chepa tu tak bukak-bukak gua tak mampu la beb.

Second step. The next level. For those who have purchased the Album and only those who have paid for the album, we wanna take you to
If you liked the album! and believe that this album should be heard by more people, PLEASE tell your friends, tell as many people that you can through the blogs and thru your daily life. This is how i am going to reward your belief.


1. His full name. 2. His address that he wants us to send the cd to. 3. the person who reffered him to PROJECT : AFDLIN SHAUKI DAH HILANG AKAL! and that person's email.

If you are the referer, you must have bought the cd as we will then have your database to know where to send you a CHEQUE!!

Yes... KODOK semua you heard me right!! I WILL SEND U A CHEQUE!

Cek apa kekodok Chief cakap ni? you might be asking yourself.


a) if we get to sell 5 albums at RM 35 each thru ur referalls, I AM going to send you RM5 for every one of your friend you recommend, who pays RM35 for the album.

b.)if you refer 10 or more people who buy the album at RM35 each, i am going to give RM 10 each person you refer and buys the album at RM35. so for example, if you recommend 10 people and this 10 people pays us for the cd, you get a cheque for RM 100.


c.)When some of your friends don't have the internet ke or buta it and wants u to do all the work, then you collect duit kengkawan you semua tu yang also value good music, and then you place a bulk order with us. If you want to order in bulk, which means 5 cds and above, it will be preferable that you could send us a cheque or money tansfer for the amount of cds you want to order for people, eg. 10 cds x RM35 = RM350, and when we send you the cds, we will send you a cheque for 10cds x RM10 = RM100.

all cheques to be made to : Vision Works (M) sdn bhd.
Jangan lupa sign!!!.. kita ada dapat cek yg tak bersain.. alamak apehalla ko ni labu.

Money transfers thru maybank 2 you boleh di lakukan ke acc. number maybank gua (Afdlin Shauki bin Aksan)
Maybank acc. number: 164810018936

for money transfers,
Show us a copy of da money transfer slip, thru snail mail or email and kita akan hanto kat ko cd tu.... seluruh dunia.

"Why is afdlin doing this?" u might ask... Well, kalau kita pegi normal distribution duit yang kita akan bagi kat korang ni adalah yang kita akan bagi depa. So kalau korang yang menjadi pembakar semangat dan menghebahkan album tu ke satu uni atau ur workplace, you are like a distributor!! so we wanna reward that, by giving you the cash yang selalunya kita bagi kat depa tu.

Menarik!!!.... mari kita kejar MAWI punya sales numbers and show, how PEOPLE POWER is stronger than your emotionless giant corporations who don't give a kodok about the consumers and the local artiste.